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Faith tells us that justice alone is not enough. But its lack often becomes an obstacle to faith. The sight of any human injustice can be a question of God’s absence, a sigh of heart for His justice. A cry that is not an escape from effort and responsibility, but a sign of realism, because it comes from the recognition of one’s own weakness and inadequacy. It is a sign of awareness that Jesus has already overcome this adversary and has power over him. It is also a sign of faith because the crying person believes and trusts that God desires his happiness, his life with him for eternity. Persistent prayer is building defensive walls against the traps of the evil spirit. Standing in the truth about my fragility and inadequacy opens the way to the renewal of my whole life. A renewal that flows from persevering faith, from the relationship with the living God.

I thank you, Lord, for the gift of faith. May your grace help me so that my faith may always be alive, strengthen me on the path of life, and share this gift with others with joy.

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