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God is a generous giver. He constantly gives ordinary and extraordinary graces. To discover this, one needs gratitude. The recognition of being gifted is the first step in the effective use of all that we have received. Gratitude also means trusting that God knows best what to give us and how to give us. In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ response seems to have nothing to do with the request of lepers. The provisions of the law strictly defined the procedure for the confirmation of the cleansing of leprosy.

Meanwhile, these sick people are to go to priests, still contaminated with leprosy. It is worthwhile to set out on the road to priests, to the mediators of God’s power and grace. To trust Christ is to accept His help in the way He points out. Then we can experience not only the healing of the body but all the heart that will recognize the Savior in Jesus and give itself to Him in confidence.

I desire, Lord, always to accept your gifts with gratitude, to see in them the fatherly love that you constantly bestow on me. May my gratitude be expressed in obedience to your intentions.

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