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Holy Trinity Parish & Divine Mercy Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church has been an integral part of Hamilton – Mississauga community, meeting the religious needs first for the Polish immigrants, and later for all residents.

Consider joining us for Sunday Worship! For more than two thousand years, the Sunday Eucharist has been at the very heart of the life of the Christian Church. There is no substitute for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Everything we are and everything we do flows into and out of this act of Divine Worship.

In addition, Catholics know that they must continually nourish their spiritual lives apart from Sunday Eucharist. Daily prayer, frequent reception of the sacraments, devotions, bible study, ongoing Christian formation and an active life of charity are the building blocks of what it means to be a CHRISTIAN-CATHOLIC. You will find all these activities in our parishes and we encourage your participation.

If you have questions or suggestions about the parish, you may contact us. Please feel free to stop by the Parish Office or to speak to fr. Andrzej, our pastor or parish council members after Sunday Mass.

No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church, no matter what your current family or marital situation, no matter what your past or present religious affiliation, no matter what your personal history, age, background, race or color, no matter what your own self-image or esteem. You are invited, welcome, accepted, loved and respected by the members and the pastor of the Holy Trinity & Divine Mercy Parish.

A Catholic church where each parish decides its own destiny.
A Catholic church that welcomes all who wish to follow Christ.
A Catholic church whose property is owned by the people who purchase, build and maintain it.
You don’t have to imagine anymore!

Preamble to the Constitution and Laws of the PNCC

The first and foremost objective and aim of this Church is the salvation and sanctification of the Polish people and of all others united with this Church. Man is sanctified when he follows the guidance of the Church and uses the spiritual means which the Church receives from God through Jesus Christ our Lord, —for there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (I Tim. 2:5).

By divine imperative the sacred mission of this Church is to carry the light of Jesus Christ before the people, constantly reminding them that their aim is to live in the spirit of God, in truth, love and righteousness, seeking the truth by reading and studying the Holy Scriptures with the aid of the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

The most fervent desire and prayer of this Church is to emulate Jesus Christ in fulfilling obligations toward God, family, nation and society. This Church’s ideal and dream is to build for the Polish people and all others united with them a hearth around which they can rally, warm and strengthen themselves in their religious belief.

Religion is the source of life and regeneration. We see this in the history of the Jewish, Japanese, Hindu, Scandinavian and many Anglo-Saxon and American groups which are awakening from centuries of lethargic sleep, and which now are experiencing new life. In order to do this it is necessary that religion possess the character of a national religion. Its high altars, its main pulpit, its teachers must be within the heart of the nation. Otherwise it will only subject society to a slow death. Man’s universal outlook on the existence of a Supreme Being, His manifold creation, His relationship to the animate and inanimate world is crystallized in religion. Religion gives us moral principles on which are reared whole generations on whom in turn depend the growth, development and future of the nation, and its happiness, health, spiritual and material wealth. Therefore, we should not be indifferent to who teaches us, who controls the beat of our hearts and thoughts. If these spiritual and moral principles are within us, are a part of our people, then our whole life will flow as a wide stream toward the sea of the future. But if we permit others to regulate our spiritual life, then our people will never achieve real freedom and stature, but will always ruminate borrowed thoughts and fruits, will be subservient to others and become a moral and spiritual dwarf.

Christ our Lord earnestly desired the happiness of the Jewish people and came to seek and save that which was lost in Israel. Moses personified the aspirations of the then youthful Jewish nation. Buddha yearned to teach the Hindu people the tenets of his faith. Mohammed fell in love with the picturesque Arab countryside and its nomadic people. Confucius and Lao Tse dedicated their lives to the moral uplifting of their people. Wycliffe, Huss, Savonarola, Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wesley and many other reformers labored primarily to awaken their people and enlighten their religious and social endeavors. The actions of these divinely inspired men reflected patriotism and national pride. This constitutes, for the most part, the power of their historical mission.

Should our people allow themselves to be forces to follow the dictates of alien powers? Should we
renounce our God-given rights, freedom of conscience and national character with which God endowed us because of alien ecclesiastical authorities? If our people have any mission in the solution of humanity’s greatest problems, then they must also have a faith which will bear an imprint of their character, a national Church, as all creative nations had in the past and have today. Our Polish National Catholic Church in these self-determinating endeavors is the first step in the life of our people and, God granting, in the life of all people in the future.

Holy Trinity PNCC Parish - Hamilton


880 Barton Street East
Hamilton, ON L8L 3B7
905 – 549 – 0470
E-mail: reverend@pnkk.ca

Holy Eucharist
Confession 15 min before Mass

Divine Mercy Parish - Mississauga


1338 Clarkson Rd N,
Mississauga, ON L5J 2W5
905 – 549 – 0470
E-mail: reverend@pnkk.ca

Holy Eucharist
Confession 15 min before Mass

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How Does The Polish National Catholic Church Differ?

The Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) was founded in 1897 in Scranton Pennsylvania.
It was created to provide a more value focused church compared to the rigid Roman Catholic hierarchy, by Polish immigrant, Father Franciszek Hodur and the people he served. It was Bishop Hodur’s mission to provide a church responsive to the people’s needs, support them in their journey to Christ’s Salvation, and empower the laity as they worked with the clergy.
Many are surprised that the Roman Catholic Church recognizes the sacraments of the PNCC. This includes ordination of priests and bishops, anointing of the sick, and confirmation. Most importantly, Roman Catholics can receive communion at PNCC parishes. People of all faith backgrounds, including Roman Catholics, are welcomed and allowed at the Polish National Catholic Church. Our mission is to bring the joy of Jesus and His fulfillment to every life that walks through our doors!

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