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November is a time that particularly inspires us to reflect on life and its passing. We stay longer at the graves of our loved ones and those that nobody remembers anymore. We recall that they were with us once, that they rejoiced and grieved, that they lived among us. Our grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters have gone to the Lord, but they still live in our hearts, in the recesses of our memory. In November we remember to visit cemeteries and clean the graves of our loved ones, lay flowers and light candles on them.

Few people are aware that the mystery of the cemetery we visit, which is the most precious granary of every parish, is a specific call to reflect on the mystery of mutual love. A cemetery is a meeting place for those who died and those who wander to the gate of death. There is indeed no direct contact between the two, but it can be done indirectly through the hands of God. Our prayers can support those who are gone. We can still compensate for the harm done to them, especially their lack of gratitude. We can help them to overcome the last distance leading directly to the Father’s house. They, in turn, can support us through prayer in our intentions.

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