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I will listen to the Sadducees talking to Jesus. Although they consider themselves “believers in God”, they are convinced that there is no resurrection (v. 27). Their question to Jesus is not the result of a desire to know the truth. They try to ridicule the doctrine of eternal life (v. 28-33).
I want to point out that even today, ignorance of the resurrection is a common occurrence among so-called “believers.” Talks about eternal life are a rare topic of everyday conversations. They also often talk about heaven in a tone reminiscent of a joke or fairy tale.
The truth about eternal life in union with God is the most important truth for me because it is about the purpose of life. How often do I think about it? What feelings do I feel in my heart when I think about meeting God in eternity? I will say them before Jesus.
Although Jesus knows the intentions of the Sadducees, he patiently explains the truth about the resurrection to them (34-37). Everything else on earth, even the happiness of married life, has only a relative value for her.
The happiness in heaven is beyond any other I can unimaginably survive on earth. The most significant experience of joy will come from our being close to God as His children (v. 36).
“For all, live for Him. (w. 38). I will ask Jesus firmly that in my life vocation, whatever it may be, I may experience the profound joy of living for God. I will repeat with faith: “In you, my life never ends!”.

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