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holy trinity pncc parish

We rejoice you have actually discovered our church! We hope you'll locate us to be an encouraging, friendly team of people. While we don't make any kind of claims to be best, we are regularly uncovering truths. 






God is one in three divine persons: the Father, who created it all; the Son, who died for our sins and rose from the dead; the Holy Spirit, who regenerates and sanctifies souls.


The Son of God, who became man and died on the cross for our salvation, is always with believers who try to live according to His teachings.


The third person of the Blessed Trinity abides in the Church to teach, govern and sanctify its members.


It is the duty of every Christian to help establish God’s Kingdom on earth through the grace and virtue of love, justice and dedication to the will of God.

We are a Catholic and Apostolic Church, preserving the faith, worship, structure and practice of the early Christian Church over our 120 year history.
Our doors are open to all and you are welcome to join us for Holy Mass and experience the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in your life.

Answers to Some  Questions

Q – Do you have to be Polish to join the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC)?

A – Do you have to be Roman to join the Roman Catholic Church (RCC)? Of course not. The PNCC was organized by Polish immigrants in 1897, but has diversified in the same manner as the rest of America and Canada.

Q – What is the difference between the Polish National Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church?

A – The answer is manifold. The main differences are the fact that the PNCC is no papal, meaning that the Church is not under the Pope. Another is that the Constitution of the Church is set up democratically, meaning that the laypeople/parishioners have the power in the Church.

Q – How old is the PNCC?

A – The PNCC was organized in March of 1897, making it today over 120 years old.

Q – What kind of religious services does the PNCC have?

A – The focal point of the PNCC’s religious worship is the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Contained in the PNCC Pew book are three (3) different Rites of the Holy Mass. These are Traditional, Contemporary, and Traditional Mass compiled by Prime Bishop Francis Hodur. Also, various prayer services, litanies, Penance services, and other paraliturgical services are celebrated throughout the year.

Q – And what language are they celebrated in?

A – The language of the people. The PNCC was a pioneer in this regard, celebrating Holy Mass in the vernacular over 100 years ago. The language of the people may be English, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Slovak, or whatever; the point is that the needs are met.

Q – Where can I find more information about the PNCC?

– By contacting us, by visiting , by reading the information located on this website, or by speaking to a local Polish National Catholic priest or member.

Q – Why should I become a member of holy trinity Parish? Can’t I just show up every week?

A – You could simply show up every week and not be a member, but membership is what makes our Church strong. As a non-member you wouldn’t have the opportunity to vote at the annual parish meetings unless you were a paid member, nor would you be allowed to be in any parish organizations, such as the Parish Committee. Member participation is what makes a church a Church, and your vote is what makes the church your Church.

Q – What are my duties as a member of the Church?

Loving God – Members should accept and obey Christ’s teaching, maintain a personal relationship with God, pray often and give Him glory by living a good life.
Sharing Faith – Members should actively take part in Church worship and listen sincerely to God’s Word. They should share the faith with others.
Obeying the Ten Commandments – They are God’s laws and show how to live a Christians life. By obeying them, Church members help strengthen the Kingdom of God on earth.
Partaking of the sacraments – The sacraments were instituted by Jesus Christ for peoples sanctification and salvation. Active participation in them will help members to live a Christian life.
To the Church – Members should follow the principles of the Polish National Catholic Church give their time and talents to further Church and parish goals. Members need to contribute financially to the support of the Church. They should actively participate in Church affairs, vote on parish matters, and serve on committee.
To Society – Members should practice Christ’s ideas in their everyday lives; Be tolerant of others faith; Recognize everyone’s right to equality and opportunity; Be loyal to their country; Work for the good of all human beings; Rear children in the name of God and set Christian example for them.

Q – How do I receive the Sacrament of Penance?

A – The Church administers two forms of penance. Corporate or general confession is given at the opening of every Holy Mass. You are expected to have made an examination of conscience prior to Holy Mass. At the appropriate time, you confess your sins to God privately within yourself and the priest will administer absolution, assigning a general penance. You are able to receive Holy Communion at that Holy Mass.
Private confession is given to anyone requesting it to young people from the time of their first penance until they are 16 years of age. Any adult may utilize this form of Penance if so desired.

Q – What if I am divorced?

A – You will find no discriminatory action against those who have already been adversely affected by a divorce. The Church stands ready to help those who marital unions have suffered separation. Of course, the Church would like to have everyone live in ideal marriages, but we know this is not the reality of the situation. Therefore, the Church lends its support and ministry to those divorced, as it would to any other social ill.


Become A Member

No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church, no matter what your current family or marital situation, no matter what your past or present religious affiliation, no matter what your personal history, age, background, race or color, no matter what your own self-image or esteem.
You are invited, welcome, accepted, loved and respected by the members and the pastor of Holy Trinity Parish.
A Catholic church where each parish decides it’s own destiny.
A Catholic church that welcomes all who wish to follow Christ.
A Catholic church whose property is owned by the people
who purchase, build and maintain it.
You don’t have to imagine anymore!

Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish!

Holy Trinity is a parish within the Canadian Diocese of the PNCC.
The Polish National Catholic Church is a Christian denomination with parishes in the United States and Canada.
You do not have to be Polish to join our Church.

Have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us


880 Barton St. E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3B7 Canada


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